Caesar VI - Caralis


Trade routes to focus on

Culture: 20 Cisalpine Gaul imports: 30 pottery
Security: 15 Cisalpine Gaul exports: 50 iron
Prosperity: 50 Latium imports: 30 wine
Favour: 50 Macedonia imports: 30 weapons
Population 1200 Africa imports: 25 utensils



160 BC

Pause Game. Rome wants a thriving trade hub on Sardinia and expects both tribute and goods. The majority of land is arrable but not all is needed for farms. Instead parts of it will be used for housing, services and factories.

The resources available are clay and timber, and we can grow grapes, olives and keep sheep. These are enough to expand houses to at least medium size.
Looking at the trade routes Cisalpine Gaul should be one of the first to open up. A small income can be made from exporting pottery and the iron can be used to both make utensils and weapons. Since I can earn more money exporting wine than I will earn exporting utensils I will focus on wine making while selling utensils to my citizens. I also prefer olives to sheep because of the growth rate.

It is worth noting that every trade route go by water so the coast line will be reserved for ports.

I decide to place my food, olive and wine farms on the east side next to the small grove. Pottery, weapons and utensils factories, and timber cutting camps will go on the east side near the clay pits. I can also fit 2 trading posts between the two clay areas. There will be a housing block basically in the middle of the map with room for at least 8 insulae, 4 domus and 3 villas. To cover the cultural objective I will need an odeum, clinic, shrine and a library. I open trade routes to Latium and Cisalpine Gaul (both mothballed). When I am done it looks like this...

Caesar 4 - Caralis building block

Unpause game. I watch the people arrive and open up pottery factory, granary, food market, basic goods market and tax office when needed. I build a wine factory. In July my first wine is ready and I start exporting to Latium. At the same time the insulae start to evolve. I build an olive oil factory and a second pottery factory. By October oil is ready and is being sold to the people. I start importing iron (2) to produce utensils for the domus. I keep the trade port mothballed to save money. Workers are only needed when collecting goods to put in the trade port.

159 AD

The Luxury market and timber cutting camp opens. I also build a weapons factory (mothballed in beginning) and a second set of prefecture and engineer (near western factories).
Rome demands tribute in February and I pay.
When the stock of timber reaches 4 I open up the weapons factory and also increase the import rate of iron to 4. The domus evolve and I reward them with qn Odeum. With only 2 insulae left to evolve to large insulae I open a villa. I add a second clay digging camp and 1 pottery factory. I also build a bathhouse after complaints from a villa. In June I open the trade route to Macedonia and start exporting weapons. I open the last 2 villas and then let the rest of the year pass to build up my finaces.

158 BC

The population is stagnant so I build an insulae. I start importing gold at a limit of 2 and build a jewelry factory.
In February Rome demands tribute and I pay. In March Rome demands wine. I have no stock so I change the export limit to 15 I build a second factory. This way there will always be a stock without having to micromanage by stockpiling goods. I decide to increase weapons production and build a second factory. A calculation tells me that to meet the prosperity objective I will need 8 large insulae, 4 medium domus and a minimum of 6 small estates (villas). For this I will need to build a theatre. I make room for a theatre, build it along with an actors colony and 3 villas.
In June my stock of wine has reached 12 units and I ship what Rome demands. In August Rome requests pottery. I have no stock so I set the export limit to 45, check 'stockpile' and build a 4th factory. I increase import of gold to 4 and build a second jewelry factory. I also build an exotic goods market and start importing salt (2), and a warehouse to store pottery.

157 BC

The villas are getting their exotic goods and demands education. I build a library for them. In February Rome demands tribute. It is paid. I ship the pottery at the same time.
In May my ratings, except for Favour, meet the requirements. I can choose to send gifts to Rome to top up the remaining points (12) or I can wait until Rome demand my attention again. I choose to wait to improve my fundings.

In August Rome requests 25 clothing. I don't have production for this good so I cannot fulfill it. Even if I tried I would only have 6 months to do it since the first 6 months is required to grow the sheep. I choose to send Rome a small and medium gift and by default win the scenario.

Caesar 4 - Caralis factories Caesar 4 - Caralis farms Caesar 4 - Caralis housing block


Final stats


159-02 Demand tribute 750 Dn Elapsed time: 3years, 6 months 8 large insulae
158-02 Demand tribute 750 Dn Popularity: Perfect 4 medium domus
158-03 Demand for 10 wine Personal funds: 270 6 villas (small estates)
158-08 Request for 40 pottery Treasury: 3570 2 grain farms
157-02 Demand tribute 750 Dn Culture: 31 2 vegetable farms
157-08 Request for 25 clothing Security: 50 0 cattle farms
  Prosperity: 50 0 sheep farms
  Favour: 51 1 olive farm
  Population: 1620 1 grape farm
    1 timber cutting camp
    2 clay digging camp
    1 olive oil factory
    4 pottery factories
    2 jewelry factories
    1 utensils factory
    2 wine factories
    2 weapons factories
    1 of each market
    1 granary, 1 warehouse
    2 prefects, 2 engineers, 1 tax office
    1 of each odeum, theatre, actor's colony
    1 clinic, 1 bathhouse
    1 shrine to Jupiter