Caesar VI - Narona


Trade routes to focus on

Culture: 25 Latium imports: 150 timber
Security: 20 Achaea imports: 65 jewelry
Prosperity: 50 Sicilia imports: 65 utensils
Favour: 55 Sardinia imports: 50 olive oil
Population 1500  



101 BC

Pause Game. The land area we've been handed is split by a river. On the northern half we have 2 farmlands, split by a ridge, and a forest. On the southern half we have 4 iron mines and 2 gold mines. We can farm everything but grapes.
The production options available are clothing, olive oil, furniture, jewelry, utensils, armour and weapons, which gives us enough options to be self-sufficient.
Jewelry and timber are two export goods worth starting with. Timber because it only requires timber cutting camp and jewelry because it brings in a greater income.

My city block will be built just east of the most southern farmland. Having replayed this city several times and running into some minor (anal) issues by using a similar block to Corinth, I decide on a slightly different structure that I know works well for later campaigns. I will build my residential buildings around a theatre, odeum and the usual shrines (Jupiter and Mercury), fountain and clinic. This is probably the only way to keep full coverage and avoid unecessary buildings that require additional workforce (and housing).

I build my farms (3 grain, 3 vegetable, 1 grape, 1 sheep - 1 grain and 1 veg mothballed) and place fields to the west of my housing block.

I place a ship bridge to the southern area and set up 1 gold mining camp (mothballed) and, 1 iron mining camp.
On the northern side I build 3 timber cutting camps in the forest (all active) and I also open up the trade route to Latium and set the export limit of timber to 10. With everything that I have built I have exactly 1900 Dn left.

Caesar 4 - Narona building block

Unpause game. Immigrants start pouring in and by May the first timber has been collected by the trade port. I build a utensils factory along with a prefect office. In June my crops are ready so I open the food market and the tax office. I also build a warehouse for utensils. With only 2 plebs available I build 2 more insulae so that I can build a clothing factory and an olive oil factory. My first bottles of olive oil are ready in October. Time to build a basic goods market.

100 BC

January starts strong. Olive oil have just about reached the population when the first batch of clothing hit the market. The insulaes will evolve en masse. I open the last vegetable and grain farms. A second clothing factory is built in preparation for Rome's demands. I also build a warehouse at the back of the clothing factories to store their goods.
Unemployment is currently 190 so I open the gold digging camp and build 1 jewelry factory. I've set the export limit to 15 to keep stock for when Rome shouts. I open the trade route to Achaea, build the trade post (mothballed for now) and let the storage limit remain at 48.
In June all insulae have evolved at least one stage and the unemployment is now 260 plebs. I build a second jewelry factory and start exports. The shipment of timber has become problematic (one timber camp is full and cannot work) and to make it flow better I build a warehouse nearby. The farms are full so it is now time to build a granary.
I October I'm faced with a minor dilemma - build a second sheep farm with additional factories or not? In a previous game-play I had 1 farm only with 2 clothing factories and ended up with too many clothes.I decide to build a second olive oil farm. It will hopefully cover some of the demand for basic goods and I can start storing clothes.
November - I have enough utensils for Rome. An engineers office is built in the idustrial sector after a building start to show signs of instability. The last thing I do this year is build a luxury goods market (untick jewelry).

99 BC

The year starts with the building of a shrine to Mars. Narona now has shrines dedicated to Jupiter, Mercury and Mars. The equities have gained access to utensils and are developing their domus. In March Rome requests 20 furniture. I build 1 factory next to the warehouse in the timber sector and adjust the warehouse to store both timber and furniture. 364 plebs are still unemployed so I build a recruitment post, mess hall, light infantry barrack and a weapons factory to keep some of them busy. A 4th domus is built. Once it has evolved to a medium domus I build an odeum and 1 villa.
Rome sends a warning that I only have 6 months left to gather and ship 20 furniture. I have 7 units and since I don't want to gamble on whether or not production will finish the request in time (5 months have passed and I should be 6 units short when deadline is over) I build a second temporary factory. In September Rome demands 50 clothing and gives an 18 month delivery date. I have 30 in stock. The warehouse storing clothing is nearly full so they get another to fill up.
It is now November and I spend the last 2 months improving desirability for the villa and give them a barber.

98 BC

With 1 month to spare the production of furniture has finished. I send the goods, mothball 1 of the factories and allow for sales within Narona. The people get a theatre and an actor guild.
The export of timber has reduced with all the new factories and to restore some of it I build a 4th timber cutting camp. In June Rome sends me a reminder about the demand for clothing. There's enough in stock to send so I ship it. Production of utensils are going slow so I build a second factory and a second iron mining camp.
In August Rome sends a request for 50 olive oil. I have 28 units and 1 year to fulfill the order. I should be able to fulfill it without stockpiling goods until the very end. I gamble! I also build a second villa.
In October Rome demands utensils and my stock is at 11/25. There should be little to worry about. I build another warehouse for storing olive oil only so that I can use a shared warehouse solely for utensils.

97 BC

The new year starts by giving Narona a secon barrack - a missile auxilia. The last 3 villas are built on the north side and I improve the streets for the patricians. The increase of olive oil is almost non-existant so I start to stockpile with only 6 months left and 36/50 units available. Utensils are at 20/25 with 8 months to go. In March Rome demands jewelry. I have enough goods and ship them immediately. With 2 months to spare the production of olive oil is complete. The goods are shipped and sales within Narona are restored and the olive oil warehouse is mothballed). Production of utensils finish shortly after and the goods are shipped.
It is July and my patricians are demanding exotic goods. The most low cost item I can import is salt. I set the import limit to 2 and build an exotic goods market. The next challenge is finding a suitable spot for the school. None of the spots at the edges manage 100% coverage. The only spot that may (or may not work) is where the luxury goods market is. I uncheck the goods in the market menu and spend the rest of the year waiting for the goods to be depleated so that I can remove the market and build it elsewhere.

96 BC

Rome starts the year by requesting furniture. Current stock is 7/20 and I have 1 year to fulfill the task. I leave production as is for the time being. I grow, however, tired of waiting for the people to buy the remaining goods in the luxury market. I delete the building and build a new one in an empty space right behind it (uncheck jewelry!) and build a school in its place. Perfect coverage, barely!
In February I get a reminder that Rome wants her furniture in 10 months time. I open the mothballed factory and set the system to stockpile goods. Rome also wants military support. I wait with sending my troops until the last soldier has been recruited.
As of April the villas have evolved into small estates and demand a second exotic good along with a forum or basilica. I need a 5th domus to have enough workers. It's worth it if it pushes prosperity above 50. I allow import of 2 silk at a time and build my basilica and governor's villa. It requires slightly more workers than a forum but makes Narona look a whole lot prettier.
The request for furniture is fulfilled in August and trade within Narona is restored. ...and when finally everything falls into place my patricians start screaming for more entertainment. I completely forgot they would not only want more goods and governmental buildings, but also additional entertainment. After exploring my options the only reasonable (for any non-anal person) is to build an arena and gladiator guild. The other, more radical, option is to mothball 1 iron mining camp and 1 furniture factory, close/demolish 1 insula and 1 domus and build a 6th villa somewhere.
I give in and remodel parts of Narona. The pump house is raized and rebuilt further to the east, the trade port to Latium goes through the same process and I build the arena on the bank next to the south-east insulae block. It is far from (my) ideal but I get perfect coverage, even if I lack 33 equities.

95 BC

My rating is near complete. One little gift to Rome and it is done!

Caesar 4 - Narona city Caesar 4 - Narona farms

Caesar 4 - Narona industry 1 Caesar 4 - Narona industry 2

Yearly events

Final stats


100-02 Demand for 25 utensils Elapsed time: 5 years, 10 months 10 large insulae
99-02 Request for 20 furniture Popularity: Perfect 5 medium domus
99-09 Demand for 50 clothing Personal funds: 1561 5 villa
98-08 Demand for 25 utensils Treasury: 11952 3 grain farms
98-08 Request for 50 olive oil Culture: 60 3 vegetable farms
97-03 Demand for 10 jewelry Security: 50 0 cattle farms
96-01 Request for 20 furniture Prosperity: 52 1 sheep farm
95-02 Demand for 25 utensils Favour: 58 1 olive farm
95-04 Demand for 10 jewelry Population: 1950 0 grape farms
95-08 Request for 50 olive oil   1 gold digging camp
    1 iron mining camp
    4 timber cutting camps
    2 clothing factories
    2 olive oil factories
    2 furniture factories
    2 jewelry factories
    2 utensils factories
    1 weapon factory
    1 of each market
    5 warehouses, 1 granary
    3 prefect offices, 2 engineer offices, 1 tax office
    1 of each odeum, theatre, arena, actor guild, gladiator guild
    1 school
    1 barber, 1 clinic
    1 shrine to Jupiter, Mercury and Mars
    1 basilica, 1 Governor's Villa
    2 trade posts