Caesar VI - Burdigala


Trade routes to focus on

Culture: 15 Narbonensis exports: 50 pottery, 25 iron
Security: 30 Sicilia imports: 225 timber
Prosperity: 25 Sicilia exports: 60 wool
Favour: 40 Cisalpine Gaul imports: furniture
Population 800  



160 BC

Pause Game. Burdigala is slightly different from the previous city. It is short on resources (only has timber and olives), and I will need to evolve domus and build more culture to meet the requirements. Of the 5 trade routes available I will start with Narbonensis, to import pottery, and Sicilia, to export timber. I do this because I can get more money from timber than furniture. Once it is time to evolve domus I can export surplus of furniture to Cisalpine Gaul if needed.
My housing block will look similar to Thessalonica and I build it on the west bank.
I place 3 timber cutting camps, 2 grain and 2 vegetable farms, and 1 olive grove. I also build, and mothball, 1 olive oil factory, 1 weapons factory and a warehouse (stores 50-50 of timber and weapons). I also build the usual buildings (markets, tax office, shrines etc). There is room for an odeum on the west side of the housing block and room for furniture factories to the south-west. I plan to put the military south of the factories.

I set imports of iron and pottery to 2 and 4 in the advisors menu, and exports of timber to 4.

Caesar 4 - Burdigala building block

Unpause game. Current funds: 5895. Immigrants appear and start to populate my city. Goods are delivered. I decide to shock the city with mass immigration by opening up the basic food market even though there's no food yet. I also "un-mothball" the trade post to Sicilia. Food is distributed by June - just in time for the evolving insulae. Despite shortage of employees I open the olive oil factory. Timber is piling up so I open the warehouse.

For some reason I forgot to build a pump station and reservoir. My people have NO WATER! I immidiately rectify this. No wonder they get sick all the time.

My uneployment is at 80+ by July. Enough to open the weapons factory. I save the game just in case and start building my military sector (mess hall, recruitment post, light infantry and missile auxilia forts).
In November a furniture factory and a 4th timber cutting camp is built.

159 BC

Current funds: 2721 Dn. Half the insulae have reached maximum size. I squeeze in a luxury market to allow sales of furniture to my domus. In February Rome requests 50 weapons. If I have the goods by the deadline I will ship them. Otherwise no. By April the domus have aquired furniture and evolved. At the same time the last insulae evolves. In June Burdigala gets an odeum. I am 1 point away from required culture and will have to build a school to push it over 15 (building another shrine does not work and I don't have access to barbers).
In August I increase storage capacity of timber in one of the trade posts. There are plenty of unemployment so I decide to start armour production, which means I need to import wool from Sicilia. The import and export settings are adjusted; 3 wool, 4 timber, 4 iron and 3 pottery.

158 BC

Current funds: 2869 Dn. In February raiders show up demanding 2500 Dn. After the deadline of sending weapons is over Rome requests 50 armour. The raiders appear - on the opposite side of the river and do not move because there's no bridge for them to use. ...and since I'm "in battle" I cannot build a bridge. ...and since I'm in "constant battle" my army will not increase, and the recruitment post just hoards armour and weapons. I reload the last saved game and replay year 158 BC

Second attempt: Build a bridge. Battle goes to hell (too few soldiers; 10 of each) so I reload and try again, this time with a tower equipped with a balista near the bridge. Success!!
So far all my armour has been collected by the recruitment post. In an attempt to stop this I change the settings to 'stockpile'. In July I build a weapons (mothballed) and a armour factories to speed up production. The idea is to alternate workers to avoid building more insulae. I also mothball the tower to save salaries. Rome does not get their requested armour.

157 BC

Current funds: 1464 Dn. The new year barely starts before the raiders are back demanding 2500 Dn. They were all killed (and so were almost all my auxilia soldiers). I get fed up with the city (because there's no way to gain favour with goods sent to Rome with my poor set-up) and send Rome a small gift. Scenario = over!

Caesar 4 - Burdigala city Caesar 4 - Burdigala military

Yearly events

Final stats


159-02 Rome requests 50 weapons Elapsed time: 3 years, 2 months 3 large insulae
158-02 Raiders demand 2500 Dn Popularity: Perfect 3 medium domus
158-02 Rome requests 50 armour Personal funds: 223 0 villa
157-01 Raiders demand 2500 Dn Treasury: 1683 2 grain farm
  Culture: 28 2 vegetable farm
  Security: 50 0 cattle farm
  Prosperity: 25 0 sheep farm
  Favour: 40 1 olive farm
  Population: 1080 0 grape farm
    4 timber cutting camp
    1 olive oil factory
    1 furniture factory
    2 armour factory
    2 weapons factory
    1 of each food, basic goods and luxury markets
    1 warehouses
    1 of each prefect, engineer, tax office
    1 odeum
    1 schools
    1 clinics
    1 shrine to Jupiter and Mercury
    2 trade ports
    1 of each recruitment post, mess hall, light infantry, missile auxilia