Caesar VI - Mediolanum


Trade routes to focus on

Culture: 10 Noricum exports: 50 iron
Security: 25 Sardinia imports: 65 pottery
Prosperity: 15 Latium imports: 65 clothing
Favour: 25  
Population 600  



241 BC

Pause Game. This scenario is possible to finish without any military interaction whatsoever. But since it is a military scenario I will see how far I get with a military focus.
There's only 3 trade routes available and Latium can be skipped altogether because clothing is slow to produce, and this scenario will probably be over before there are any exports. I build my Roman village near the south-west lake. I fit 2 fields for grain and vegetables, 2 olive groves and one of each corresponding farm on this small piece of farmland. On the other side of the lake I build a timber cutting camp and a clay digging camp. I also build 2 of each pottery and olive oil factory. I open the trade route to Noricum to import iron at a limit of 4.

Caesar 4 - Mediolanum

The housing block is simplistic. I start with 3 insulae, with room for at least another 3. I add 2 domus to start with.

Unpause game. During the first 5 months I watch people settle, build a fourth insulae, third domus, open up 1 pottery factory, olive oil factory, build a basic goods market (mothballed initially) and build a weapons factory. My unemployment is severe! By August the first insula evolves. And by September the same insula evolves a second time. I build a warehouse to store pottery and weapons.

240 BC

Current rating status: all but Prosperity met.
I build 2 more insulae. I need to consider building military and those things require both workforce and food. There's enough workforce to open the last pottery factory so I do just that. In March I can open the last olive oil factory too, and build a recruitment post. ...and this is where I get the first 'Success!' prompt.

  • Elapsed time: 1 year, 1 month.
  • Popularity: Excellent.
  • Personal funds: 28
  • Treasury: 2990
  • Culture: 10
  • Security: 50
  • Prosperity: 15
  • Favour: 34
  • Population: 860

I keep playing for the heck of it.
In May I open the trade route to Sardinia and set exports of pottery to 6 and to store 12. I build a mess hall, a light infantry fort, a second clay digging camp and 1 pottery factory. My funds are now shot to pieces at roughly 500 Dn. When I get 800+ I build one of each grain and vegetable farms to support my troops.

239-238 BC

There's nothing to do but watch funds fluctuate due to wages and export/tax income. In February Rome requests military backup. I have 1 year and 3 months to find suitable forces. When I have 900+ funds I build a missile auxilia. Raiders arrive in May to demand 1500 Dn. Shortly after they are dead! My troops are 34 men strong in December and I decide this is the time to dispatch them.
While waiting for victory I add decorations in the city. Victory comes in Fabruary. Absolutely nothing of interest happens during the rest of the year.
I have secured the roman empire and can move on!


Caesar 4 - Mediolanum Caesar 4 - Mediolanum military

Yearly events

Final stats


239-02 Request for military Elapsed time: 3 years, 10 months 6 large insulae
239-05 Raiders demand 1500 Dn Popularity: Perfect 3 small domus
  Personal funds: 96 0 villa
  Treasury: 1683 2 grain farms
  Culture: 10 2 vegetable farms
  Security: 50 0 cattle farm
  Prosperity: 17 0 sheep farm
  Favour: 37 1 olive farm
  Population: 990 0 grape farms
    1 timber camp
    2 clay digging camps
    2 olive oil factories
    3 pottery factories
    1 weapon factory
    1 food market, 1 basic goods market
    1 warehouse
    1 of each tax, prefect and engineer office
    1 clinic
    Shrine to Jupiter
    2 trade posts
    1 of each recruitment post, mess hall, light infantry, missile auxilia