Caesar VI - Thessalonica


Trade routes to focus on

Culture: 10 Latium imports: 65 utensils
Security: 25 Sicilia imports: 75 timber
Prosperity: 15  
Favour: 35  
Population 800  



204 BC

Pause Game. This mission is as straightforward as the previous one. We only have one trade route to consider - utensils. It pays more than timber and we need neither utensils or furniture for our domus. As for insulae, I choose to grow olives for oil and make glass. Sheep paddocks take up too much space and are slow to deal with.
The housing block will be the same size as in Mediolanum. No more, no less. ...except for a shrine to Jupiter and Mercury.

Caesar 4 - thessalonica building block

I build 2 of each grain and vegetable farms right away so that I can get going on military as quickly as possible. I build an olive farm with only 1 grove. It will be enough to keep 1 oil factory busy for this small village. I place a timber cutting camp near the forest and build a small factory sector south of the housing block. The sector has 1 glass, 1 olive oil and 1 weapons factory. I build a sand collecting camp and an iron mining camp at the closest resources. I put 2 utensils factories near the iron mining camp. I may have to build a second camp to keep up with both weapons and utensils.

Unpause game. The first few months pass as I open factories without a care for unemployment. The first insula starts evolving in July. I keep watching glass distribution and yelling at the greedy bastards who won't let the other insulae have some. Finally in October other insulae get some goods. By that time the first load of oil reach the market. I build a recruitment post in December.

203 BC

Tessalonica gets a second iron mining camp, mess hall, light infantry forst, and the second utensils factory opens. Shortly thereafter I get the 'Success!' screen.

  • Elapsed time: 1 year, 2 month.
  • Popularity: Excellent.
  • Personal funds: 136
  • Treasury: 3175
  • Culture: 10
  • Security: 50
  • Prosperity: 15
  • Favour: 35
  • Population: 940

I keep playing for the heck of it.
My unemployment isn't very flattering so I build 2 more timber cutting camps and open trade to Sicilia. I spend the year wondering why food stocks don't seem to pick up and it isn't until September I realize I never opened 2 of the farms. DUH!
My timber cutting camps are having trouble being emptied so I build a warehouse.

202-201 BC

A missile auxilia is built... just in time for Rome to request support. In March raiders are at the border demanding bribes. They will meet my army! I spend the rest of the year decorating the city. I send my troops to aid Rome in October. I expect a victory! Victory comes at the end of the year.

In May 201 BC raiders are trying to get an easy cut of my funds by demanding 2000 Dn. They get nothing except instant death.

Caesar 4 - Thessalonica Caesar 4 - Thessalonica Caesar 4 - Thessalonica military

Caesar 4 - Thessalonica battle

Yearly events

Final stats


202-02 Rome requests military Elapsed time: 3 years, 10 months 6 large insulae
202-03 Raiders demand 1500 Dn Popularity: Perfect 3 small domus
201-05 Raiders demand 2000 Dn Personal funds: 232 0 villa
  Treasury: 6388 2 grain farm
  Culture: 10 2 vegetable farm
  Security: 50 0 cattle farm
  Prosperity: 17 0 sheep farm
  Favour: 38 1 olive farm
  Population: 1020 0 grape farm
    2 iron mining camp
    3 timber cutting camp
    1 sand collecting camp
    1 glass factory
    1 olive oil factory
    2 utensils factory
    1 weapons factory
    1 of each food and basic goods markets
    1 warehouses
    1 of each prefect, engineer, tax office
    1 clinic
    Shrines to Jupiter and Mercury
    2 trade ports
    1 of each recruitment post, mess hall, light infantry fort, missile auxilia fort