DragonAge: Origins Personas

  • Beathag


    Born a castless dwarf in Orzammar's slum Dust Town, and with a constantly drunk mother, Beathag were forced to turn to crime at an early age by running errands for the crime lord Beraht. Meanwhile her older sister was forced into prostitution in hopes that she would one day become a noble man's concubine. One of Beathag's criminal activities involved drugging a favoured fighter inside the 'Provings', the dwarven gladiatorial contests, thus rigging the bet in favour for Beraht. All would have been well if Beraht's fighter hadn't passed out drunk and leaving Beathag to gear up and fight as him. She rightfully won the entire contest; a contest that is available for caste only. Everd, the fighter she posed as, stumbled out on the arena demanding to know who had stolen his armour. Beathag was forced to reveal her identity, and when the Assembly realized that a "brand", a castless, had violated the 'Provings', she was forced to leave Orzammar with immidiate effect.
    Duncan, the leader of the Grey Wardens, had attended the 'Provings' in search for recruits, and was mighty impressed with Beathag's rogue skills. He offered to take her to Ostagar to become a Grey Warden and she accepted.

    During her travels, Beathag met several people who she allowed to become companions. One of them was the Orlesian woman Leliana. The tall redhead was a minstrel, a bard, working for a woman named Marjolaine. Curiosity got the better of her and in a chain of events, Leliana was framed and tortured before she could eventually flee the country. She sought refuge in the Chantry of the small village of Lothering. Leliana is a devoted believer of Andraste and the Maker, and believes she was given a sign to join the Grey Wardens that happened to make a pit stop in Lothering. What started as a casual friendship developed into something much greater, and now Beathag and Leliana is pretty much inseparable.

  • Kyndeyrn


    Being the youngest son of the noble Cousland castle, Kyndeyrn had an easy life with only one task at hand - to keep an eye on his mabari warhound. His father and older brother had been asked to join Arl Howe and his men to defeat the darkspawn. Arl Howe's men had been delayed but the Cousland's were urged to depart as soon as possible. Entering the main hall, Kyndeyrn met Duncan, the leader of the Grey Wardens, for the first time. Duncan was looking for young recruites and was particularly interested in the eldest of the Cousland sons. Kyndeyrn offered his services but was quickly overruled by his father. His duty was to look after the Cousland castle while his father and brother were away. Kyndeyrn was told to locate his brother and inform him that he should depart ahead of their father.

    Later that night, Kyndeyrn and a visiting woman he had temporarily bedded, was awoken to the loud noices of the Cousland castle being attacked by Arl Howe's "delayed" men. He joined forces with his mother and his trusted mabari to rid the castle of intruders, and also find his father. Kyndeyrn's father was found badly bleeding in the kitchen larder. All others, visitors as well as his older brother's wife and child, had been murdered. It was there and then he decided to go with Duncan to become a Grey Warden and seek revenge.

    During his travels, Kyndeyrn met several companions who joined his small forces. One of them were the somewhat sarcastic mage Morrigan, a "witch of the wilds" and "apostate". Being somewhat promiscuous, Kyndeyrn didn't have any problems with Morrigan's forthcomings after only a short period of time together. But of course, there will always be other fish in the sea. Like that beloved Bella in Redcliffe Tavern...