Wournos' Universe - Melee kill cost

As a melee user, and an 'eco' player, I wanted to find out what the most economic melee weapon was for killing puny mobs on Arkadia. At the time of starting this little project (summer of 2014) each planet had its own selection of Trade Terminal weapons, where some of the ones from Cyrene were particularly economic compared to other planet TT weapons.

Nowadays (since December 2014) each planet TT's have the same type of weapons, just with different names to reflect what planet they come from. The old TT weapons still exist and can only be obtained from other players. The difference is that current TT weapons are not repairable and the old ones are.
I own 3 of said weapons - S.I Psy-Blade, S.I Combat Knife and S.I Psy-Sword.

Weapon damage stats

Herman PF-TT (L): 2.5-5.0
MANTA K-TT (L): 2.5-5.0
S.I Psy-Blade: 2.0-4.0
S.I Combat Knife: 2.5-5.0
S.I Psy-Sword: 4.0-8.0

Animal hitpoints

Carabok: 10
Gallard: 15
Halix: 30
Monura Female: 13
Monura Male: 12

The process

  • I kill/swunt a total of 5-10 sessions
  • I (try to) avoid even kill counts such as 100, 150, 200 to get more accurate data
  • Each weapon are maxed, unless otherwise stated
  • Vibrant sweat is excluded from loot
  • MU on looted items is not taken into account
  • I do not use a healing tool, attachments or enhancers that will skew the base results
  • Data in table refers to average decay cost in PED
  • High DMG weapons will not be tested on low HP animals to prevent overkill (= added decay cost).
  • Low DMG weapons will not be tested on high HP animals to prevent HP generation (= added decay cost).


Mob Herman PF-TT (L) MANTA K-TT (L) S.I Psy-Blade S.I Combat Knife S.I Psy-Sword
Carabok 0.0417 0.0425 0.0426 0.0405 -
Gallard 0.0584 0.0600 0.0655* 0.0602 -
Halix - - 0.1059 0.1148 -
Monura female 0.0516 0.0542 0.0502 0.0534 -
Monura male 0.0488 0.0497 0.0490 0.0493 -



* Anomaly: Loot must've been poor because Psy-Blade average at 0.06 PED on any normal day.