Wournos' Universe - Biography




My (avatar) name is Wournos Wou Amos and I found myself on a space shuttle orbiting Planet Arkadia on 20th December 2014. Following the instruction on how to move around and behave (space travel can make you daft) I was sent to the surface to start my adventure.

I met with an officer at the New Arrival's Hangar who gave me an Arkadian Passport and sent me on my very first mission - to locate a group of miners just outside the hangar. This, in turn, took me on a trip around the planet where I helped various people with different tasks. I met with an IFN officer at Windy Isles who allowed me to join the IFN military and sent me on a mission that included culling Arkadia Hornets and Monuras. I also had to scout the Arkadia Underground. Once done I got my IFN Private Access Card, an IFN uniform and assigned to a Firebase - Valiant - to report to. I am currently an IFN Sergeant.

My main interest is hunting to complete missions for skill improvements and rewards. The items and resources I find on the way are sold for reasonable prices to other colonists. The money I make are directly related to sales within the universe and not from outside factors (depositing).
I also kill Oratan Prospectors to climb the IFN ranks.

My favourite choice of weapon is the power fist. Currently I use the discontinued, repairable S.I Psy-Blade from Cyrene. Despite its name it is not a blade. It is a good weapon for those with low skills and who likes to punch their enemies in the face. It is also fairly economic in terms of decay, and works really well for reasonably harmless animals such as Caraboks and Gallards.

Currently, my main goal is to develop skills as eco as possible. This means long hours extracting sweat from Caraboks or Gallards before killing them. In the future I'd like to delve into crafting. I'm very much interested in textures and clothing.