The Welcome

Hey. So, you've managed to find this corner of the web. I call it SpaceOddity, for the mismatching, odd combination of things added here. I have a thing for games, programming (mostly PHP) and webdevelopment. I suppose you could call this my online portfolio.

The Updates

Bengalis - video updates

5 January 2017 - Category: Cat

Some of the movies in my Cat Blog section has been updated. The .mov file type stopped working (no sound) and I finally got my thumbs out and did something about it.
As for 2017... there will be additions and/or changes to the content of SpaceOddity. I'm about to buy two bengal kittens so there will be plenty of pictures and videos coming, I hope.


Bengalis - photos & videos

17 July 2015 - Category: Cat

The ever-so neglected photo section has been updated with 3 photos of Bengalis (more will be added). Also, 2 short films have been added to the Cat blog/video section. Use the links in the top menu to get there.


Wournos' Universe - edits

17 July 2015 - Category: Games

Two more screenshots have been added to the gallery in the Wournos' Universe section. A minor text error has been corrected on the same page.